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Magnus Jonsson

After a long break from racing Ironman it’s time to get back. My goal is to explore if it’s possible to become faster at 50 than I was at 30 - when i finished 74th overall in Hawaii. I will use every possible advantage I can get with new technology, training methods and experience – everything except doping and drafting which I hate with a passion – now as then. Instagram: magnusj66



Ironman Lanzarote 2018

30 maj 2018
av: Magnus Jonsson

Last year I had a really bad race at Ironman Lanzarote so after the race I decided to go back and try to get it right. To race here, with my physic, is as logical as how bumblebees can fly. I’m just to heavy, don’t climb well on the bike and typically the guys doing well here are half my length and weight - but I can’t help it, l love the race and keep coming back to be brutally murdered.

My goal for the race was to do a <55min swim, 5:45 bike, and a 3:30 run. Most important was the run. I have not been able to run well in an Ironman since I started racing again 2015. My goal was to be able to do a 3:30 after one of the hardest bike courses of all Ironman races (hard gusty winds and >2,500m climbing over +180km).

Swim was a complete mess as it is with 1800 running into the water at the same time - 3,850m of fighting off people who tried to get a free ride on the Swedish dolphin. Swam much slower than planned and even slower than the easy practice swims I did on the course the week lead by up to the race. 57min.

On to the bike - no bang bang in the old legs at all, cold, miserable and a feeling that the legs would explode at any moment even at low pace/watts/hr. After 100km, they started to feel better and I abandoned my thoughts of DNF and thought - “let’s roll through this shit ride and practice marathon running today".

Finished the bike in about 6hrs.

Got out on the run and did exactly as planned and apparently passed a lot of people in my age group. I didn’t know my position at all until after the race as I was just focusing on the plan and not other people’s plans and goals.
Run: 3:32 which I am really happy with!

Overall time 10:39:16 which is a ok time considering the conditions we race in on Lanzarote. only two people went under 9 hours, you could compare that with Ironman Texas a race without marshalls on the bike and 11 people came in under 8 hours. That is just one of the reason I love this race - it's brutally honest, you simply can't cheat and draft to get a better PB which nowadays seams to be the main purpose of for many athletes.

I realize that I probably will not be able to beat my best time here from 1997 of 10:08:16, but at least I improved my time from last year.

Overall I was 111th (out of 1,594 finishers) and second in my age group 50-54 (out of 221 finishers). 

So I guess I qualified for World Championships I Kona Hawaii again (4 slots in the age group 50-54) - I didn't collect it as I already have a slot from Ironman Los Cabos, Instead I was out biking during the ”roll down ceremony”. Would have been fun to see that happy someone who got the slot. Congratulations to everyone who finished and also those who had a bad day - now you have a reason to come back to this magical place!
Hang Loose !
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